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If you are a programmer, what is important other than a laptop or a PC where you develop your code are the tool and services that enables you to easily create programs, applications, games, websites, web apps and many more. Some software offers those tools and services that you needed in order to start develop those programs or applications. You can also choose what kind of platform you want to use, whether you want to program or app to run in Windows, Linux, or Mac. But they also require some add-ins and other components in order to install and run the software smoothly, not only that, it can also improve your experience while developing.

Most, if not all of the apps and websites now being developed have GUI or Graphical User Interface, since it is what users most prefer when they interact with the app or site. It is easy to use, has higher productivity and better accessibility. Now being in the 21st century, many of these said apps and sites are launched online and many people have access to them, but only some are still used by people today and the interface has a lot to do with that. You can buy backlinks if you are planning on making a website.

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QA Revolution offers an extensive library of high quality content created by testers. The content is reviewed carefully to ensure it meets our quality standards. We cover topics such as test automation, performance testing, test environments, organizational structure, risk based testing and so much more. The Software Testing Industry is growing at a rapid pace. Our content changes all the time, so check back frequently for updates.

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Our Community

The QA Revolution Community has a wide assortment of software testing. Our selection process ensures those who join are highly qualified software testing professionals. Most of us have worked together for many years. Our backgrounds vary which helps share our experiences with each other to ensure we all continue to learn from each other. If you are interested in joining please follow the link below to get started.

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Our Training

Software testers understand the importance of staying current with technology trends. At most companies training budgets get slashed every year and a lot of the responsibility falls on the individual to expand their skillsets. We have established a creative approach with training and have an extensive on demand library. We also are partnering with local universities and are providing training in order for students to gain an advantage in the hiring process.

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