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Code Store is an Addin for Visual Studio .NET that provides instant access to an online repository of GUI components for the .NET Framework. The selected components are downloaded from the Code Store to your PC and then added to the Code Store tab in your toolbox for you to start using straight away.


Currently CodeStore only works with user interface components, i.e. those that can be added to the toolbox. A future feature will allow the download of non-UI components and simply add a project reference to that component.

CodeStore cannot handle libraries with dependendencies other than those that form part of the .NET Framework. A future feature will allow the download of a library and it's dependencies.

Supplied libraries are not compressed (zipped),though it is expected that most individual libraries will be relatively small, so this will not be a problem. However, a future feature may allow compressed files to be downloaded and automatically decompressed on the local machine.

Download the CodeStore Visual Studio .NET Addin:
CodeStoreSetup_msi.zip (287 KB) - Windows Installer Package for .NET Framework v1.1
CodeStoreSetup.zip (346 KB) - Zipped full Setup (including bootstrap setup.exe) for .NET Framework v1.1

CodeStore_Setup_MSI_DotNet_1_0.zip (121 KB) Windows Installer Package for .NET Framework v1.0
CodeStore_Setup_DotNet_1_0.zip (3,524 KB) - Zipped full Setup for .NET Framework v1.0

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